Creating a Coaching Culture

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Today’s company culture is hurtling towards a super-connected, information-powered future where efficiency and productivity are most important. But for companies to find success, they need to empower their employees to do their very best.
We often think that leaders exist only at the top level of the hierarchy - people with senior-level positions and many years of experience. But as strategic HR consultant and executive coach, Vivek Paranjpe, said in his inaugural address at a recent BIY event,
“Leaders are made, not born. Each of us have the potential to become a leader. The only barrier to believing in ourselves is comparing ourselves to others.”
There is a transformational shift that is needed in organizations right now. The good news is, more and more organisations are recognizing the need to build behavioural competencies in their employees. Often, they don’t know where to start. That’s where a customized intervention for organizations becomes critical - one that can help unlock the latent potential of a company’s pool of employees.
The Importance of Coaching According to Today’s Leaders
At the BIY Coaching festival this year, which took place on the 14th of June at the MCA Club in BKC, Mumbai, the theme of the day was the power of coaching and the transformations it enables. Coaching is all about recognizing the potential of others, and helping them achieve it. Leadership, too, is not an ability people are born with. It is a skill that has to be honed, and leaders emerge with experience and coaching.
During an intense and engaging panel discussion between CHRO of Tata Motors, Gajendra Chandel and ex-CHRO of Sun Pharma Yashwant Mahadik, Mahadik spoke about the futility of today’s culture of ‘exhibitionist coaching’ which is limited to the top brass as well as the need for proper and specific budgets for coaching.
What Prabir Jha, the president and global CHRO of Cipla, said during the final session of the BIY Coaching Festival 2018 was apt - “When you become a manager, you become a coach. How you help others change is what matters. With these conversations, you unleash the power of infinity instead of the power of just one.”
Launch of our product: Creating a Coaching Culture (CCC)
The current format of Executive Coaching programs in most companies is focused on top-tier leaders and does not include a majority of the workforce. As Alpa Kapadia Teli, coach at BIY would tell you, it is only when coaching begins at a grassroot level that it has the maximum impact. It is with this vision that the coaches at BIY have conceptualized and designed the Creating a Coaching Culture (CCC) product - a solution to offer an orientation to coaching, for managers at all levels.
Truly a world apart when compared to other similar programs out there, CCC is inclusive. It is only when coaching stops being an exclusive perk for the top level and includes all levels of employees in a company that it can truly transform the culture of an organisation.  
At the launch of CCC, the need for such a product was endorsed by a number of reputed industry professionals. Gurprriet Singh, Senior Partner at Korn Ferry, echoed the sentiment of giving hard-working employees other than the ‘high-potentials’ a chance to succeed.
According to Rajesh Padmanabhan, the CHRO at Welspun, leadership should be at the center of a company’s organisation structure and not at the top. He believes that companies need to completely change their culture to create environments where everyone is free to speak out without fear of consequences. As BIY shares a similar philosophy, we shared the concept behind CCC with him and are delighted that he saw an incredible need for the product as well.
What sets CCC apart
CCC is a unique program that has been created to be focused and intensive, while ensuring minimal disruption of work. Spread over a time period of two months and conducted on company premises, it is designed to have a long-term impact on mid-level managers and team leaders, as coachees can experiment with integrating these new behaviours at work during that time period. CCC is ideal for senior leaders as well, who haven’t yet participated in other coaching programs.
In addition to learning about theoretical frameworks, participants will also be introduced to various models of coaching. They will learn how to integrate these skills into daily life, and strengthen leadership traits to help lead their teams better. The learning is experiential, as they will discover how coaching works for themselves. The focus of the program is to help managers and leaders create a harmonious and high-performance team culture, where each team member is empowered to contribute and express themselves, to the fullest of their abilities.
Through a combination of reflective exercises, guided processes, knowledge transfer and practice sessions for the participants, CCC will help participants align their personal and corporate vision. It will help them reflect, set goals, plan and practice coaching so that they are ready to translate their learnings back at work. The team of coaches empaneled by BIY have rich experience and are credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), with a minimum Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level. CCC has been designed to be an affordable coaching solution for companies of all sizes, and is available at a fraction of the cost of other coaching programs.  
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