7 Ways in Which Life Coaching Will Transform You

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Unlocking our greatest self does not focus only on extrinsic motivators like money and rewards. That’s when you need intrinsic motivation - a journey that is inherently satisfying and purposeful. And one holistic way to get there is by life coaching.

There is no doubt that when faced with problems true leaders look inward for solutions. And that’s exactly how a life coach empowers you and helps in rewriting the parameters of what your career could look like in the context of your whole life.

Here are some ways a business coach can transform your life.

  1. Emotional intelligence – Leaders with low emotional intelligence lack self-awareness, or are highly resistant and disruptive. Interestingly, there is a report that suggests that upper-level executives overestimate themselves when it comes to emotional intelligence. Why is this a problem? This is where you start to understand who you are. Leader mentoring helps you become aware of what to do personally to reach better outcomes.
  2. Self-awareness – As long as history has been recorded, “Know thyself” has been highly prominent across civilizations. Isn’t it the self that makes each of us unique? Self-awareness is also a primary driver of self-control. A life coach can help you develop self-awareness and help us monitor our inner world. Self-awareness teaches us to be open hearted, willing to learn and to step out of our comfort zone and grow.
  3. Articulating core values – It’s not enough to understand the core values of your organization. The big question is – what matters to you? There needs to be an alignment between what you believe, how you behave and the way you plan to execute the work. There is only one authentic way to achieve purpose and core values – life coaching.
  4. Transformative learning – Jack Mezirow who articulated transformative theory in 1978 said that it helps develop “autonomous thinking.” And thinking independently is essential for moral decision making in situations of rapid change. Transformative learning helps you to transform yourself by renewing your mind.
  1. Embracing failure – Owning a mistake is a mark of leadership, it is a powerful display of honesty, integrity and grace. When you recognize the error, admit it, and take action to correct it. Don’t hesitate to discuss your failure with your team, what’s even more important is to learn from them. Great leaders lead well because they know how to recognize both successes and failures.
  1. Modeling great leadership – If you are unable to inspire others to action, what are your leadership skills going to do? The ability to be a role model, and someone who walks the walk garners respect in an organization. Reiterate ‘model the behavior’ formula that sends a strong message. It will be compelling for the team to think that “If you can do this, so can I.”
  1. Higher purpose – the next big question is challenging, but it is important to ask: what drives you? When you grow beyond a large paycheck or a higher designation, that’s when you knock the doors of purpose. Identifying a place where you can cause positive change in your industry, or it can be as big as changing the world.


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