Need for sustainable growth (Contributed by Shankar N. Subramaniam)

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As a global citizen, I believe that in the upcoming decades, mankind will be confronted with a global energy crisis. The insatiable demand for fossil fuels, fuelled mainly by our rising population and rampant industrialization, has strained the natural resources of our planet leading to global warming and climate change. The answer lies instead in a comprehensive energy strategy that focuses on practical, cost-effective yet eco-friendly solutions. Leveraging my accumulated academic and research experiences, I intend to develop sustainable energy mechanisms, to meet this objective. In this regard, techniques such as carbon sequestration could secure a better future.

As part of an internship that I was awarded at a premier institute in Bangalore, India, I worked on organic means to sequester carbon. It is essentially a research on using nature’s own mechanism to capture carbon from emissions and release much-needed oxygen as a by-product!

This experience convinced me that with keen observation and due diligence, nature provides solutions that could be mimicked to drive a sustainable growth for mankind. I am passionate to pursue this and look forward to opportunities in that direction!



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