Caring Companies

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Caring Companies

Diving into the stereotypes of philanthropy and for-profit businesses, here’s an event ‘Social Wellbeing – The BIY Way’ asking tough questions to companies that don’t always feel human.

One of the core session was the panel discussion by corporate leaders, moderated by Anuradha Das Mathur titled “Caring Companies”.

Why well-being is more than just a state of mind?

 Dr Swatee Sarangi, Global Head, at Dr. Reddy’s said, “Social well-being has to be demonstrated every day. The culture of an organization is a cradle where this thrives. Companies that stay competitive in the long run are the ones who invest in the human aspect of people. And, this is not only a priority of HR.”

Concurring to the above and highlighting the negative connotations such as Monday morning blues in an office, Anuradha Das Mathur spoke about being authentic in office, and realizing its importance a bit early in life. Anuradha is a Founder-Dean and Co-Founder at Vedica Scholars Samarth.

While Kiranmai Pendyala, Head HR, Western Digital asks wittingly, “Who is responsible for all of this? Every single one of us has been contributing to that entire social ethos: the rat race. This is how the core of life is forgotten. It all starts with believing in yourself.”

When it comes to business, does empathy have limits?

“When you want to dial up the business success, which means you’re chasing your goals and profits: the things that lead to the lag, at the bottom of it, at the heart of it, is the well-being of people. “said Dr Sarangi.

And stressing on ‘listening’ to employees, they run a Heartbeat check-in program which helps to gauge their employees’ emotional level of energy every day.

Inversely, Kiranmai points out, “When push comes to shove some companies lay off employees. However, at Western Digital received the honor of being the most ethical company year on year. We’re doing a mammoth exercise where every individual across the globe will participate in a 4-hour interlock session: to debate about what I can do, instead of talking about what the company can do.”

How do we bring the equation of high performance with heart full as opposed to heartless?

We have a leadership credo called Aspire, so when we contextualize this for our employees, they take a pledge and we make them understand how their individual growth can lead to a business outcome.” explained Dr Sarangi.

Kiranmai crisply replied, “That equation can be achieved by blending the tangible and intangible elements of performance.”


The speakers left the viewers with several ideas and takeaways for them to share in their own companies and done at scale hopefully bring the industry to the tipping point of holistic employee wellbeing.


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