BIY Hackathon

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In times where all were asking questions to answers unknown, the team of Believe In Yourself, Leadership Coaching Company came up with an initiative ‘BIY Hackathon’ to crowdsource answers to various questions which are on the minds of people. 

This was also to celebrate International Coaching Week which was from 17th May to 23rd May.

These were the questions that were put forward.

Q1. What am I doing to “stay strong”?

Q2. What am I grateful for today?

Q3. How can I stay true to my Personal Values?

Q4. How can I support someone dealing with loss (Job, loved one, peace)?

Q5. What is my role as a Leader during a crisis?

Q6. What is this phase of life teaching me?

Q7. What am I looking forward to tomorrow?

Q8. How can I help everyone grow?


Here are a few responses given by our community of Business Coach, Leadership Coach, that are collated below.


Here are a few responses to the question, ‘What am I doing to “stay strong”?’

To stay strong

1). Physically - I am doing physically demanding household chores, #Pranayama

2). Emotionally - #Affirmations, #Gratitude, Journal, Prayer, #Connecting with loved ones

3). Spiritually - #Spiritual Reading and Reflecting, #Listening to Spiritual Masters talks, Guided #Meditations  - Nidhi Agarwal


I stay strong by reaching out and checking in with at least 2-3 persons everyday.

- Bijo Joseph


Prioritising selfcare, journaling, seeking help and extending help, connecting with my #coach often, Leaning on my close tribe some more, Meditating

- Meenu Bhatia


I am ...

1. Staying present to the here and now

2. Doing the things I love - Singing, Creativity

3. Having a coaching mindset in my interactions

- Priya Sharma Shaikh



Staying connected with friends and families - #ConnectionWithOthers

Extending help – Reaching out to various groups and extend help wherever possible - #ConnectionWithSociety

Taking care of self – Meditation, breathing exercise – #ConnectionWithSelf 

  • Sandhya Goyal


I “find my feet”....being present in this moment, not future tripping, is hugely beneficial for me. And a daily gratitude list. Helps me stay positive 

- Lisa Stowe


Focusing on inner strength brings out physical strength automatically. Being open to all kinds of emotions without giving them a “good” or “bad” label helps me to learn about inner self. Processing emotions the right way is the key to freedom.

- Trudy D


Managing my state, paying attention to what my heart says, being in Nature

- Roger Wyer


1. I am beginning to ‘let go’. Of my limiting beliefs and unfounded fears.

2. Doing all I can to share what I know to help others who may be struggling on the path I’ve traveled before. Care creates strength.

3. Stepping up way beyond my own self, family, firm to support my community, neighbours and network. Any which way. That makes me feel strong.

4. Doing a course on Positive Intelligence to learn tools, tips and tricks to keep myself steady on course to/of positivity.

5. Hanging out with people who are optimistic, talk of courage, hope and resilience. Energy is contagious.

6. Saying I believe in myself zillion times a day!

- Harlina Sodhi



Responses for ‘What am I grateful for today?’

I am grateful for my ability to breathe normally, I am grateful for being blessed with so many resources to live my life, I am grateful for my profession which allows me to bring positive impact and shifts in the lives of women and the list goes on. But today I want to be grateful to my maid Vidya who came to work in spite of this weather. I salute her sincerity. 

- Reshmma Gulati 


I am grateful for everything that the Almighty has given and trust in him completely even in difficult times because I know HE is in control.

- Supriya Samson



Responses for How can I stay true to my Personal Values?

By self-observation... I do this by checking in on my values of - Love, Abundance, Respect, Resilience, Integrity 

- Priya Sharma Shaikh


I stay true to my personal values by believing that nothing is worth compromising them, ever! By knowing that not staying true to them will haunt me forever. By acknowledging them to myself often. By letting all know what they mean to me and most of all by living them! 

- Harlina Sodhi


Responses for How can I support someone dealing with loss (Job, loved one, peace)?

By making them aware that you are there for them, being there for them when they turn to you and seeking their willingness to the solutions/support you offer. 

- Priya Sharma Shaikh


Listen. Be available to them. Move with their flow,their speed. Support their grieving their way. Share what I have that could help them (network, work, time, opportunities, training...) etc Don’t rush. 

- Harlina Sodhi


Be kind and supportive. Try to listen and not just offer up advice. 

- Laura Arnold


Responses for What is my role as a #Leader during a crisis?

Hold safe space for others as they work through their trouble 

- Roger Wyer


One thing is for sure, everyone is trying their best to stay strong for their own wellbeing and also for the wellbeing of their near and dear ones. 


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