Dear Leaders: Take The Scenic Route

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  • I want to rouse my troops but feel low myself most of the time!
  • I can’t seem to predict what’s coming in 2021 based on past precedents or predictive analytics anymore. How do I then show a shining picture of the future to my people?
  • My life compass is swinging widely. I want to desperately find my true north?


These are some of the painful truths that we are hearing from many leaders. Truly gut wrenching. The pandemic has made leader’s task many times more tough than it already was… 


We’ve always known that it is lonely at the top. Getting to a summit is one thing, operating from there continually is quite another. Pinnacle level leadership is transformational, inspirational, empowering & enterprise leadership all rolled into one!


5 higher order mindset and behaviours that can serve leaders best during times today are that they:  


1. Manoeuvre Emotions - Their ability to delicately navigate high strung tricky situations, be able to deal both with iron fist & velvet glove depending upon the circumstance using entire spectrum of feelings & emotions. 

Outcome 1: Lead with Empathy


2. Think Paradoxically - Hold contrasting points of view & information for long periods of time in their mind until clear pattern & path emerges. 

Outcome 2: Act without Bias


3. Suspend Judgement - Thereby allowing themselves to defer conclusions especially around ethical & moral dilemmas. Show willingness & courage to listen deeply. Wait for irrefutable facts before passing discernment. Get insights from perspectives.

Outcome 3:  Inculcate Inclusion as a Value  


4. Explore Plurality - Without sense of restlessness, deal with multiplicity of priorities. Seamlessly toggle between hard fact & gut instincts, bias for action & urge for perfection, relentlessly advance or rapidly retreat based on volatility of business environment. 

Outcome 4: Build Culture of Innovation 


5.Delay Gratification - Simply experiment & experience without wanting either immediate solution or perfect solution. Are able to resist succumbing to programmed behaviours that demand results at frightening speed irrespective of consequences. 

Outcome 5: Display higher order Resilience 


Embarking on this journey of balancing “being” and “doing” is certainly a long haul, but the route is scenic, guarantees great payoff and an enviable legacy. Try it!


By: Harlina Sodhi

Originaly published by Economic Times HR World on 13th April, 2021

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