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Story 1

Readiness for Growth

2020: Peak of Pandemic.


As the CEO of a technology firm, she had tough choice to make. Get the leadership together & fanatically focus on growing the business given this was an opportunity for them to significantly scale up and grow. Or, take a pause, look hard at the skills & capabilities of the leadership team, work on two pronged strategy: Strengthen them during the time when everyone had been thrown into the deep dark sea of ambiguity & uncertainty. Via the process scale up the business & build leadership bench strength.


The CEO reached out to partner with us on a 8 month executive coaching journey interwoven with 1:1 coaching sessions, masterclasses, cafe chats & coaching simulation


The Result: Significant needle movement on leaders self awareness & mastery over their emotions. Their readiness for growth, leveraging uncertainly is all time high. They are been seen as people leaders who are inspiring, communicative, inclusive & empowering. Stakeholders are reporting visible mindset shift & behaviour change.


Story 2

Our “How” is as Critical as our “What”

Speed and growth of this technology services company was meteoric. “Where” the company was headed was very clear to all: to be best in class product & operations enterprise. The “How” of it was getting a blurry.


It was time to rewire the Values with all the lights in the house on! The CEO, CHRO & Product leaders formed a SWAT team & got down to articulating, then training & now embedding the new values of agility, critical thinking, accountability, collaboration into the DNA of the company.


Believe In Yourself team worked with the client for over 15 months. Partnered wrt creating their culture approach, detailing values & behaviours, building content, training leadership team & now inculcating them into company processes.


The Impact: Build of growth & abundance mindset, demonstration of behaviours of core values, noticeable change in leadership language, higher engagement & productivity. Measured & reported by culture audit.


Story 3

If We don’t do it Now, When will We?

This was the war cry of the CEO. 2020 has been a watershed year for the pharmaceutical industry across the world. Given their industry leadership position this company chose to focus as much on their culture as on their scorching course of action. Especially now, for all progressive leaders know that “growth” can be as painful & derailing as downturn.


We worked with them to define tenets of culture that will serve them best, dug out stories of success & failure from their past to be beacons of light for their future. Created several nuggets of culture nudges. Trained Leaders to be Coaches. A competency which is mission critical given workforce of today is dealing with a abnormal; new normal.


The Outcome: Across the board, leaders started to behave like a coach. Listening, exploring & nudging people in the right direction. Collectively they brought their employee engagement to a “tipping point”. Today their focus is to build a coaching mindset & skill in every manager. 


Business will happen!


Story - 4

Driving Change & Transformation

When transformation progress are maddeningly slow, the reason is mostly related to leadership & culture. The board was all too aware of the fact that nurturing a healthy culture built on foundation of meaningful purpose, powered by values can be the ultimate competitive advantage. A culture playbook was needed!


This insurance company brought us in. We worked with them to strengthen their leadership team alignment, got them to rally around the company values, display articulated behaviours & finally become champions of the change. Over a 6 month periord, this was done via leadership alignment workouts, culture building workshops, diagonostic & psychometric assessment & executive coaching to make leaders & managers become better versions of themselves. 


Today they are confidant that their business model may get replicated but their secret sauce, their culture playbook & leadership behaviour cannot!

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