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Our TweetChat #ChooseToChallenge stirs an already boiling cauldron with great impact. 

We make our choices and as a consequence our choices make us. As the month of March progresses women round the world are sitting up and watching – what will go down this year on 8th March. What more can they say that they already haven’t? But some things are best repeated and the International Women’s Day theme is already drawing much deserved attention with its trending hashtag #ChooseToChallenge

Whom to Challenge or What to Challenge?

Generations have gone by and we are still ranting about gender inequality. Why does it still raise its ugly mug now and again? Can’t we wipe it out for once and for all? Haven’t women made it clear enough that they are as efficient as men in every aspect? As these questions race through our minds, an opportunity arises – all members of the fair sex can make their choice today; either choose to challenge or crib away about gender bias and inequality behind closed doors. 

But before the women challenge the perpetrators of gender inequality (sadly many of these are also women themselves), they must learn to challenge themselves – challenge themselves to make the choice to question inequality, to question ‘why’, to question until they get an answer or at least till change is effected to address these issues.

The way forward. 

With this theme in mind, Believe In Yourself a niche culture and leadership coaching company which aims to eliminate biases, foster equality and empower women set out to find out what are the opinions of both those who are oppressed and their supporters, many of them men (already a big 'whoop'!) 

On the TweetChat were eminent CEO’s Supria Dhanda, Country Leader, Western Digital, Harlina Sodhi, Co-Founder and CEO, Believe In Yourself; Kulmeet Bawa, President & MD, SAP Indian Subcontinent and Sudhir Banerjee, SVP & Head, GBS ABB. They spoke about a range of subjects, shared their stories and vulnerabilities, talked about being authentic, making strong points about value business leaders can generate by giving women space, listening to them, building their capabilities, giving them a business coach, celebrating her ambition and respecting her choices! 

With the first question asking the Twitterati ‘What does #ChooseToChallenge mean to you?’ raking in tweets faster than you can say “end gender inequality”, the tweetchat continued to evoke more than just answers; it began to stir up emotions and deep sentiments. Positive conversations trumped the cribs and complaints. The women out there are beginning to speak louder and bolder and can no longer be ignored. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the ’veil’ has been lifted.  

Feminism has taken on a new avatar. More and more women are beginning to see that without respecting the self, they will gain no respect from the world. Boldness has replaced brazenness;  plaintive cries for help have turned to self-proclamations of confidence and empowerment; and a war cry is sounding louder each minute: members of the stronger sex, be prepared – you may outnumber us, but the day is not far when we will outshine you.  

The TweetChat stirred up a storm with 60K impressions and over 100 answers. To read them all, head to Believe In Yourself Twitter handle @BelieveIn_ _ You

We are in the business of making a difference!

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