A good Coach can change a Game. A great Coach can change a Life! (By Harlina Sodhi)

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  • After my parents, the person who has influenced me the most in my life has been my coach! said a successful business leader.
  • My conversations with my coach catapulted me into entrepreneurship with elan, something I wanted to do but was fearful! said another eminent professional.
  • Everyone needs a coach! says Bill Gates.


What a year it has been. After a momentous beginning in 2018, all of us at at BIY pulled out all stops in 2019 to further the profession of coaching, one of the most powerful intervention for behaviour and mindset shift, growth and performance, emotional and psychological wellbeing. And we did it in the manner we know best; with a spirit of collaboration transcending across boundaries, working deeply with all our communities, course correcting as we went along and in as many innovative, unperson and virtual ways as we could. Via:


1.Leader as a Coach programs

2.Creating Coaching Culture workshops

3.Experience Coaching campaigns

4.1:1Coaching Sessions

5.TweetChat - Coaching Mindset 

6.Hackathon - LinkedIn & Twitter

7.Blogs on BIY website

8.Webinar on Coaching

9.Coaching Cafes

10.TweetChat - Adieu & Usher


Our intent was to “up the ante” on awareness on coaching. Demystify many myths which still surround it, articulate and sharpen its value proposition, clear the “air” on how it’s different than other interventions, bust the “taboo” around “who should get coached”, democratise and widen it’s scope beyond executive leadership coaching to life, growth, performance, relationship, building personal brand, career transition, talent coaching and bring into fold many many experts who are creating, practicing and influencing the model, concept, applicability, relevance and impact of coaching!


It was gratifying when we heard you say:

1. You have dramatically helped us build a leadership culture of having conversations using coaching competencies of listening, empathy, probing, creating safe spaces and supporting solutioning - CEO of $ 3Bn organization.


 2. What you as a coach did for me is help me pause to introspect and reflect on my behaviours. How I come across to others and consciously supported me as I focussed on making the right behaviour change keeping my stakeholders expectations in mind thus not only winning minds but also hearts - Business leader of large pharmaceutical company.


3. It’s as a direct result of coaching interventions that today, I have managed to deepen my relationships, learnt how to networking more effectively, overcome many of my stage fears and build a brand for myself - Women CHRO.


4. By having deep conversations with my coach, I have managed to overcome many of my own limitation. Have started to think of alternate and innovative ways to grow my business and build a growth mindset - Upcoming entrepreneur


BIY’s ethos is always to collaborate, crowdsource and co-create with our cxo and coaching community to create 10X shareholder value. There are many compatriots who walk along on this journey with us, HR professionals, students, University dean’s, corporate honchos, global experts and partners.

While just in this year BIY has coached over 600 professionals, clocked over 7000/+ hours of coaching, widened it’s footprint to besides 5 cities in India to UAE, Nepal and Singapore, engaged with its community of 151 coaches:


It is still only a beginning!

We know that as large corporations you have expectations from us on supporting you on your leadership transitions, creating a culture of coaching, developing your young talent and building women leadership pipeline by personalising the interventions. As young start up to help your founder and leadership team manage the emotional turmoils, pains of growth and ability to juggle many balls. And as an individual to help you navigate volatile environments, support your learning journeys, help you “up your game” and more importantly get you to strengthen your belief in self.


And our commitment to our community of coaches remains steadfast too; continue to deepen their professional and business knowledge of coaching, increase visibility of the fabulous capabilities they bring to the profession and continue to create and provide multiple platforms wherein they can engage, learn, share and showcase.


As 2020 comes marching in, we stay committed to doing more in the space by bringing to you:

  • Coaching Festival
  • Coaching Playbook
  • Coaching Campaigns
  • Coaching Broadcasts
  • Coaching Gamification

Coz afterall, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life!


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