From The Editor’s Desk - January 2020

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From the Editor’s Desk - Meenu Bhatia (Editor – BIY)

What does it take to tame your inner demons? Grit, persistence, compassion or something more subtler than that?  At Believe In Yourself, we embarked on this journey to partner with people in helping them identify, tame and conquer their inner demons by offering them two hours of complimentary coaching. The timing of the initiative couldn’t have been apt as it coincided with a festival in India, the essence of which is victory of good over evil, of light over darkness and of killing demons that are not of highest good.
This beautiful journey commenced when 34 of our senior coaches got together and offered to extend two hours of their time for every single person who wanted to ‘Experience Coaching’ with them.  Having opened this up for applications for nine days between September 30, 2019 to October 8, 2019, we saw a whopping application flow since Day 1 and by end of the window, we had about 115 people apply from across the globe.  From entrepreneurs to senior executives and from students to retired individuals, we had people who displayed grit by acknowledging their inner demons and reaching out to our community for helping them take the first step in conquering them. In all this,
our team of coaches played a crucial role in extending their time, in being there in their most compassionate and authentic selves and above all for creating a space for the coachees to express themselves naturally and effortlessly.
Here is what we heard from the coachees post the sessions:

1. Thanks to my coach that she didn't give up on me. I was not willing to try these sessions but she made sure that I feel comfortable and gave me her 100%.

2. She is amazing as a coach. I liked how she facilitated the conversation. It was to the point and the questions asked really helped me push my thinking and gain clarity. Towards the end, I felt empowered and clear with my next steps.

3. It was the sharpest coaching I have ever received... Very well done.

4. She is an exceptionally wonderful coach , and it was an enlightening experience for me. 

As we step into the brand New Year, all ready to bring in small and incremental changes in our lives, follow the BIY handles on social media for the next edition of Experience Coaching.  We look forward to connecting with you there.

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