From the Editor’s Desk - April 2019

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During my recent visit to the United Kingdom, I happened to discover this beautiful city called Bath. Wanting to discover its culture, I decided to get lost in its alleys and beautiful architecture. After literally getting lost, I happened to see a board that said " Welcome to Jane Austen Centre", Had just heard of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, one of her famous books, so thought of exploring the place a little more, hoping to collect some more travel stories and take them back home. Just as I was reading through her life on the shelves, a kind old lady offered to take me on a walk and give me a tour of Jane Austen’s life at Bath, her inspirations and the literature she wrote.

During the tour, I casually asked the lady if she loved any part of the author’s work that she would like to talk about. Almost like her message to the world from Jane Austen books. With a twinkle in her eyes she spoke these gems (pulling out just two of many she spoke, here)

  • To be a Hero or a heroine you don’t need to be Instagram Perfect: Jane Austen’s characters, be it Fanny Prince (painfully shy) or Anne Elliot (faded) are not perfectly characterised. They are all flawed. Yet for the author, they were her ‘Heroines’.
  • We are all Flawed: Austen’s Heroes had visible flaws too. Darcy’s manners leave a lot to be desired. Captain Wentworth is terribly stubborn. Yet they all have that magical ability to admit that they are flawed and can do much better.  That made them true heroes.

As custodians of culture and evangelists of coaching, did that say anything to us? I started thinking about our ability to look beyond an organisation’s tangible measures and tap the DNA, the core and the soul of its existence.  To look beyond the obvious flaws and get in touch with the intent it infuses in its quest to serve its customers and stakeholders.  Therefore, deeply questioning if we are building a culture where flawed individuals are enabled and developed to be heroes and heroines through right interventions, where people are uplifted into believing in themselves and where leaders build teams that use their imperfect composition and diverse perspectives for creating results that are exceptional in every way possible? At BIY we are challenging ourselves to do just that each day. Do check out some deep work around culture that we are doing with organisations across.

Please do write to us at and share your stories of change and transformation and we will be happy to read, respond and include them in our next edition. Happy reading till then!


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