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I will never find the light, unless like a candle, I am on my own fuel - Bruce Lee

Coaching reduced to a sentence that explains its very basis in a crisp and deeply rooted intelligence. We are our own beacon, the unbiased scale of our flaws, failures and requirements. The Guru within is a storehouse of insights, introspection and guidance. To reach the state of soul-searching answers, an external influencer (Coach) helps nudge the varied options of possibilities with passive questions that ignite the light within. The light within lights up the path outside. We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. The culture of change enables growth, openness and diversity. Will it be easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely.

We cannot hope to get anywhere if we are looking at the same mindset and methodology. Change is a constant phenomenon and acceptance of that is an eye opener. As a Coach the first step to assisting change outside is to bring about change within. The transition from an advisory position to being an avid questioner, deep listener, intent oriented facilitator based on the foundation of being non-judgemental and unbiased. These constant reminders of the profile of a Coach silently aid the progress of the Coachee. Be the change you wish to see in the World. We lead by example. Change is a precursor to growth. It avoids stagnation. It’s inevitable for personal growth, to gear up to new challenges, to transform perspective and to overcome fears. The need for cultural change in organization starts and ends with its human force, the key stakeholders. At the superficial level it helps manage interpersonal communications, increased ROI, reduced costs, spikes in the profits and development opportunities. A profound percolator, however, is the boost in morale, a sense of ownership, readiness in anticipation of challenges, employee retrenchment and motivation. A workforce armed with a sense of belonging has a manifold effect on the culture of the organization. An institute is the sum total of the zeal, effort and overall personality of its employees. In order to maintain high levels of enthusiasm towards change, the Coach has to sync in with the employee vision, raising curiosity and self-awareness, acknowledging accomplishments, fueling confidence, aligning with clear goals and most importantly, creating accountability.

The Coach here is an external change agent that works with the leader (the internal change agent) to oversee the domino benefits within the organization. The leader dons the role of a Coach and facilitator as opposed to being an advisory authority. A mere change in methodology of motivating teams yields tangible results through the creation of openness, the flow of communication, the willingness to change and being answerable for the actions taken. The leader is the forerunner to this change.

“I can change anyone who wants to, the trouble is I haven’t found too many who know that they need to”.


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