Organisation Culture

Do you feel the need to craft and ignite your company's culture?

Do you want the company culture to be ingrained in your workforce?

Do you want to leverage culture as an accelerator in your organisation's transformation journey?

Have you at times felt that

Profits are stalling and you are unable to innovate and grow

Rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions are resulting in cultural chaos

Change efforts are met with cynicism and resistance

People work hard, but don't connect to the meaning and purpose of the organisation

Customers are deserting you for your competitors


The BIY Advantage


The Best People

Culture agenda led by culture evangelist and CXOs and thought leaders, with expertise across MNCs, Startups and MSMEs

Most Insightful Experiences

Drawing experience from over 20+ years of advisory, consultancy and implementation in organisation culture

Powerful Tools

Unique culture transformation tools including workshops, playbooks, practice guides & digital repositories

Curated Learning

A range of tools to enable cultural transformation, ranging from power workshops, CXO sessions and learning journeys

The BIY Mission

BIY believes in creating material impact for the clients and partners it works with in a sustainable way to create tangible and robust outcomes in business, people and stakeholder value creation. This we do through our industry events, advocacy talks, workshops and thought leadership published across media. BIY aims to fuel and facilitate a culture of learning, recognition, digital first, growth and collaboration through its work on transforming cultures.

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