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Experience Coaching Session as SHRM Edge Partners


Building Social Leadership

Message from Harlina Sodhi

We are in turbulent times AND New Times NEED New Skills.

Couple of years ago, it started to dawn on me that, that to grow, it wasn’t just enough to have a great academic background or mastery over a domain  or even a supportive leader  at workplace. There was something more that I needed to have, which after scores of conversations with my mentors, lots of self and informal learning, networking with the “pro’s in this field and subsequent formal training programs I have started to build.

A personal brand, ability to network, tell powerful stories & radiate gravitas.


Tweetchat - Surpass Social Distancing

In today’s uncertain and baffling times, it’s pertinent we keep our chin up even as chips are down. Use this time to reflect, learn, share and more importantly leverage digital tools, collaborative platforms and social tools to connect, collaborate and create. However, even before we move towards using them all, its critical we build a mindset of becoming social, make virtual learning our DNA and deeply believe in the power and potential of social capital and connectedness!


Culture Confluence - Bengaluru

BIY is on a journey to create conversations, provoke new thinking and build a body of knowledge around skills for future. It is doing roadshows in 6 cities and 6 countries called BIY Culture Confluence. The event in itself is a melting pot of industry professionals, practitioners and academicians who are at the cutting edge of building future skills for corporate India. It’s about helping us all build a workplace culture for the future. Organisation culture that will act as its moral compass, be the custodian of its values and behaviours and act like a glue that holds its fabric together in good times or turbulent times. 


Future Skills Roundtable & Masterclass - Gurgaon

There are 2 key emerging skills of the future: Digital Acumen & Social Leadership. As consortium of industry practitioners, it’s our endeavour to keep the discussion on Social Leadership which is amalgamation of ability to tell stories, network & exhude gravitas on the table, while continuing to bring fresh insights & perspectives. The content & conversation is led by speakers who are leading the charge on these from the front! The practitioners of the trade themselves!